Breen & Pugh Law Areas of Practice

The lawyers at Breen & Pugh are experienced in a broad range of legal practice. Highly regarded in the legal community, the firm is comprised of seasoned trial lawyers who represent individual and corporate clients in all manners of criminal defense, from White Collar Crime, to Drug Possession, and Professional Discipline to Criminal Investigations.

Our attorneys practice both federal and state law in both state and federal courts in Illinois, but are also commonly called to advocate for clients in other jurisdictions.

If you are accused of a crime or find yourself facing an injustice which does not appear on this list, please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your case. Initial consultations are always free of charge, with no obligation on your part. A careful intake interview allows us to understand the unique circumstances of your legal matter and determine how we can best assist you. We understand that unexpected legal matters commonly introduce a high level of stress and anxiety to any citizen’s life, and interfere with any organization’s purpose. Our fundamental goal is to return you to your normal, productive life as quickly and painlessly as possible.

The following is a list of some of the areas of practice
we focus on at Breen &Pugh.

Criminal Defense Law

A criminal defense attorney represents both individuals and business entities in a wide range of criminal matters, ranging from simple misdemeanor traffic violations to white collar crime to first degree murder.

Civil Rights Law

Constitutional law speaks to many of the fundamental tenets of civil rights and civil liberties. The primary commitment of a civil rights attorney is to ensure a just society, free of discrimination and oppression.

Legal Appeals

Appellate law is a highly specialized area of practice and entails a thorough review and reassessment of the entire case history, from depositions and police interviews to all evidence presented during the court proceedings.

Professional Discipline

Whether you’re an attorney, a physician, or even a judge, facing professional disciplinary action can be exceptionally challenging. Your career, your livelihood, your reputation and your future are all at stake.

Asset Forfeiture

There are two types of asset forfeiture: criminal and civil. In either case, it’s imperative to have proper legal representation to ensure the best possible outcome, whether the forfeiture is impacting an individual or a business entity.


Even after conviction, there may still be options available to you. While the primary benefit of having a conviction removed would be to avoid or reduce jail time, there are many intangible benefits of cancelling a felony conviction.

Criminal Investigations

Private investigators can be instrumental in tracking down and interviewing witnesses, disproving allegations, collecting and analyzing data and gathering exculpatory or new evidence. Your legal team will use all the resources available to get to the truth in supporting your defense.

Criminal Sentencing

If you’ve been convicted of a crime, there is still an important role for your lawyer to play. Sentencing is a key phase of criminal law, and demands expert representation by an experienced criminal lawyer to obtain the best possible outcome for the defendant.

Grand Jury Proceedings

When faced with a grand jury investigation, it’s critical to enlist legal advice as soon as possible. A defense attorney can meet with the prosecutor to discuss the case, and negotiate on behalf of the client.