Criminal Investigations

If you’ve been accused of a crime, it’s imperative to have a team on your side that won’t rest until they get to the truth. Breen & Pugh Law has carefully selected professional private detective partners to undertake this critical component in your defense. We’ll work closely with them to devise strategy and tactics to support our case. They can be employed to track down and interview witnesses, investigate and prove or disprove allegations, collect and analyze data, and gather exculpatory or new evidence.

Information is key to a successful defense, and every individual has the right to a thorough and committed defense if they are indicted on criminal charges. By taking a proactive role in investigating the details and complex – sometimes mitigating – circumstances around a case, Breen & Pugh can enter the court room with confidence, knowing that we’re bringing every possible nuance to light in favor of our clients.

Our goal with any investigative effort is to achieve the justice our clients deserve, whether it’s getting a criminal charge dismissed entirely or mitigating the impact a conviction has on their lives. It’s always about achieving the best possible outcome, given the particulars of the case. We don’t rest until we’ve exhausted every effort on your behalf, and we have a long history of successful outcomes to prove it.

Rely on Breen & Pugh to take the lead on your investigation,
whether it is before, during or after your trial.